Is Pneumonia Different in Healthy Patients Younger than 65 Years-Old? Analysis of the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO) Database

Abstract: 4739
Congress: ats2017 2017
Type: Scientific Abstract
Topic: 19. Lung Infection (Non-Mycobacterial, i.e., Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, HIV, etc.) / Adult / Clinical Studies / Microbiology, Tuberculosis and Pulmonary Infections (MTPI)
Authors: A.J. Videla1, I. Palma2, M. Fernandez Acquier2, M. Labato2, T. Wiemken3, S. Furmanek3, P. Peyrani3, J.A. Ramirez3, C.M. Luna2; 1Pilar/AR, 2Buenos Aires/AR, 3Louisville, KY/US