Benralizumab Significantly Reduced Oral Corticosteroid Dosages and Asthma Exacerbation Rates for Patients with Severe, Uncontrolled Asthma: Results of the ZONDA Phase III Trial

Abstract: 5964
Congress: ats2017 2017
Type: Scientific Abstract
Topic: 03. Asthma / Adult / Clinical Studies / Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation (AII)
Authors: P. Nair1, S.E. Wenzel2, K.-F. Rabe3, A. Bourdin4, N. Lugogo5, P. Kuna6, P. Barker7, S. Sproule7, S. Ponnarambil8, M. Goldman7; 1Hamilton, ON/CA, 2Pittsburgh, PA/US, 3Großhansdorf/DE, 4Montpellier/FR, 5Durham, NC/US, 6Łódź/PL, 7Gaithersburg, MD/US, 8Cambridge/GB; on behalf of the ZONDA study investigators